Supporting our friends affected by the floods in Queensland and Northern New South Wales

Supporting our friends affected by the floods in Queensland and Northern New South Wales

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Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed devastating floods ravage parts of Northern NSW and Queensland, causing unprecedented damage and disruption to the lives and homes of thousands.

We empathise that these are incredibly challenging times for those affected and understand that it will take significant time and support to recover. As a company that considers Community and Environment its core values, like many Australians, Rip Curl was deeply concerned to hear about the events unfolding up north and felt a strong call to action to contribute to flood recovery efforts.

In response to the many people who lost their personal belongings in the floods, Rip Curl has chosen to partner with charity organisation Thread Together to donate $20,000 RRP of men’s, ladies, and kids Rip Curl apparel. Thread Together sources brand new unsold clothing from around the country and partners with charities and social services to distribute it to people in need. They have currently set up an emergency clothing hub in Milton (QLD), alongside opening two new permanent hubs in Lismore (NSW) and Indooroopilly (QLD) to provide clothing to flood-affected communities at no cost.

“Thread Together has been on the ground providing flood impacted individuals and families with access to brand-new clothing, offering choice to help restore some dignity and normalcy during these trying times. To be able to give such great quality clothing by such an iconic Australian brand as Rip Curl, has given people that have found themselves with nothing, a real sense of hope for a better future,” says Thread Together CEO Anthony Chesler.

Rip Curl has also been working with St Joseph’s Primary School in Coraki to provide brand new backpacks and lunch boxes for all students. The isolated town of Coraki in Northern NSW was hit hard by floods earlier this month and experienced widespread damage as a result.

Finally, Rip Curl wants to acknowledge the everyday citizens that have been banding together and working relentlessly, day in day out, to help flood-affected individuals and communities to clean-up and rebuild. To aid these legends with their efforts on the ground, Rip Curl has donated important items such as wetsuits, reef walker booties and broad brim hats- as well as donating thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes to various raffles and fundraisers.

We wish flood-affected regions all the best in the recovery ahead and hope that in some small way our contribution can bring comfort to those in need. Rip Curl is proud to be part of such a remarkable community effort.