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Wherever The Search may lead, whatever the water temperature, whether it’s a wetsuit for your everyday sessions or a full-on steamer for the colder months, all of Rip Curl’s wetsuits are engineered to provide supreme warmth, maximum stretch, and minimal bulk. Designed to keep you in the water longer so you can catch more waves.

Our Wetsuits

Stay out longer and surf more in the world’s leading men’s and women’s wetsuits from Rip Curl. Offering a wide array of performance characteristics, styles, and price points, there’s something for every surfer in our lineup.

The best wetsuits in the water feature the most advanced neoprene and construction technology.


In 2018 Rip Curl introduced the Flashbomb Heat Seeker, a revolutionary wetsuit that combined a new level of technology and innovation to create a rubber unparalleled in warmth. Today, Rip Curl is excited to reveal the E7 FlashBomb Heat Seeker, our next step in the wetsuit revolution.

Gabriel Medina surfing in the Flashbomb Fusion WetsuitGabriel Medina surfing in the Flashbomb Fusion Wetsuit

Entry Systems

Your point of entry in a wetsuit is known as the “entry system” and plays a large role in the overall function of the suit. At Rip Curl we offer suits with the following entry systems; Chest Zip. Zip Free and Back Zip.

Zip-Free Entry

Molly Picklum puttin on a zip free wetsuitMolly Picklum puttin on a zip free wetsuit

Chest-Zip Entry

Rip Curl crew putting on a chest zip wetsuitRip Curl crew putting on a chest zip wetsuit

Back Zip Entry

Rip Curl crew modeling a back zip wetsuitRip Curl crew modeling a back zip wetsuit


Extreme surfing calls for extreme rubber. That’s where our wetsuit accessories come in.
From gloves to booties, hoods, and more, the warmer you are the harder you score.

Recycle Your Wetsuit Logo on green backgroundRecycle Your Wetsuit Logo on green background

We’ll recycle your old wetsuit

In partnership with global recycling leader TerraCycle, we have launched our Wetsuit Recycling Program across Australia, the US, France, Portugal, and Spain. Now surfers across the globe can recycle any surf-branded wetsuit at participating Rip Curl stores.


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Wetsuit hanging over a balcony railingWetsuit hanging over a balcony railing

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Mason Ho and friend in Scotland carrying their surfboardsMason Ho and friend in Scotland carrying their surfboards

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Crosby Colapinto wears westuit in CaliforniaCrosby Colapinto wears westuit in California

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