‘The Lore’ Starring Robbie Goodwin Big Wave Surfing In Ireland.

‘The Lore’ Starring Robbie Goodwin Big Wave Surfing In Ireland.

Freezing cold temperatures, slippery rocks, far paddles and lot's of current. Just what Robbie Goodwin was after in his latest trip to Ireland.

19 year-old Rip Curl team rider Robbie Goodwin takes center stage in his latest edit ‘The Lore’. Hailing from New England, Goodwin instantly connects with the raw energy of Ireland, "It has an underlying powerful energy about it, you can’t ignore it. It feels special to me." - Robbie explains.

Surrounded by his surfing heroes and fueled by an all-time swell, Goodwin pushes the boundaries, surfing waves that were once mere figments of his imagination.  

“The position you have to put yourself in to get a good wave here is just terrifying. I knew I was going to have to work up to it.”

Enjoy over six minutes of the most stylish big wave surfing you’ll ever see. 

Filmed by:
Joe Radano
Peyton Willard

Edited by:
Joe Radano

Additional Footage:
Clem Mcinerney
Diego Balestro

Robbie Goodwin getting barrelled in IrelandRobbie Goodwin getting barrelled in Ireland