Feel Better About Your Boardies

Feel Better About Your Boardies

Rip Curl is proud to say that we currently use 85% sustainable materials to make our men’s, women’s, and kids’ boardshorts, and are working to make that number 100% by 2025.

There’s nothing better than surfing in warm water, wearing your favourite pair of boardshorts. Except that now you can feel even better about them knowing that you’ve made a choice that’s good for the planet.

We are passionate about making products that let our crew take advantage of all the ocean has to offer, and the coastal lifestyle that goes with it. But we believe this also gives us a duty of care to minimise the harm we cause when making these products.  Which is why we’re incorporating more sustainable materials in our manufacturing than ever before.

An important part of this transition is making recycled polyester the norm in Rip Curl products.

Recycled Polyester vs. Conventional Polyester. 

Choosing recycled polyester over virgin polyester results in:

  • Huge energy savings during the fibre production process (up to 45%)
  • A 20% reduction in water consumption during production
  • 30% less Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Less reliance on petrochemical resources
  • Less waste in landfill
Polyester is one of the most used fabrics in the fashion industry. It’s an artificial fibre that is partly derived from petroleum, one of the world’s biggest pollutants. It doesn’t biodegrade and it takes a lot of energy to make. Essentially, manufacturing and disposing of polyester has many harmful effects for the environment.

That’s where recycled polyester comes in.

Recycled polyester is made from pre and post customer polyester wastage that is regenerated into new fabrics. Though recycled polyester is still non-biodegradable, it offers a far more sustainable alternative than regular polyester, without compromising on quality. Rip Curl partners with several recycled polyester material suppliers certified by the Global Recycle Standard to ensure traceability and quality consistency.

You’ll find recycled polyester in many product categories, ranging from beanies and gloves to boardshorts, as well as in our Back to School, F-Light, and Run Swim Surf collections.

We are committed to reducing our use of virgin fibres in our fabrics and are excited to bring a more sustainable alternative to the line-up.