Getting To Know Molly Picklum

Getting To Know Molly Picklum

Molly Picklum Surfing Pipeline WSL

Your newest WSL Championship Tour competitor, Molly Picklum, caught up with Rip Curl National Team & Events Manager Mark Flanagan, for a chat on all things 2022.

Congratulations, you got the call-up for a position on the 2022 WSL CT recently. What’s been happening since then?
"Thanks. It took a day for it to sink in. But since then I’ve had heaps of lunches and dinners with friends and family … it seems like every meal actually, which has been great!"

Tell us how you got notified?
"I was actually Surfing at home with my good friend Zoe, and we got back and I saw my phone was lit up with missed calls and messages. Once I saw the official notification from Jessi (Miley-Dyer) I turned to Zoe and said, “it’s official, we’re doing it” she’s saying, “NO WAY!” and we carried on a bit. After a while I gradually got back to as many crew as I could."

Were there any memorable or unexpected messages?
"Nothing crazy or anything, the main thing for me was just how many people took the time to congratulate me. It was pretty overwhelming how much support I received."

What about CT crew, was there some ‘welcome to the Tour’ messages?
"Yes, there were heaps which was nice. Brisa and Lakey gave me a call and heaps of crew saying welcome."

Were there any “I’m gonna take you down” type vibes?
"Nah, no one went down that path, that’s probably more likely to be what I’d say to be honest!"

How did your mum Danielle react to the news?
"She was pretty happy! There were probably 8 missed calls when I first got back to my phone! When I finally got onto her she gave a pretty massive “Wooohhhhh”, even though she was at work … then she might’ve danced around a little when we got home!"

What’s been the biggest hustle to get organised before getting on the plane?
"Mainly the increased rules and regulations concerning travel & making sure all the required appointments are slotted in. The WSL was really good to help us get all that done in the right way."

Anything new with surfboards for this CT leg, or did you already have them dialed-in from your CS events in Europe and Hawaii?
"Well, I’ve been working on my boards for the last year, and I can say DH has been the ultimate to work with over that process. I just got two new boards this week and they’re insane, I can’t wait to have more time in the water on them."

Now that you’re getting ready to get on the plane for your first year on the CT, is there something that you’re particularly looking forward to?
"I think that to actually be ‘in’ the events, instead of being ‘around’ the event is going to be the main thing. That’ll be sick. Also, there’s another little one, it’ll be good to play ‘Pickle-ball’ with everyone. Lakey, Glenn, Betty-Lou, Joe Turpel and a bunch of others play Pickle-ball, so that’ll be good."

Are you especially pumped for any particular location?
"Mexico would be epic, but I’m not sure if that’s on? It’s crazy for me to think about Bells and how I’ll actually run down the stairs as a competitor at the Rip Curl Pro. It’s the hometown event of my sponsor, I’ve been at the comp as a younger girl, then have been in the trials to try and win the wildcard, so now to be a competitor is going to be pretty special. But TBH, anywhere else is good by me as well!"

What are you frothing on most about going on this trip?
"What I’m most excited about is to see all of my overseas friends again, to be travelling and to obviously be competing against the world’s best again."

I’ve seen that you like to get barreled and have been working on improvements in that area, what’s a good bit of tech advice you’d give to any grommets who are keen to get better in the tube?
"I’d say get amongst it as much as you can, the more time you have in the barrel the better you’ll get at riding a tube."

What about airs, have you been working on anything specific you can tell us about?
"I’ve definitely been working on airs, nothing in particular really, besides just trying them when I get chance."

Dealing with pressure. At some stage you’re going to need a score to get through a heat, can you give us some insights into how you manage pressure situations?
"Personally, when I deal with pressure I like to try and work out what’s required to get out of that situation. So I try to figure out a plan of attack and hopefully the outcome is what I hoped for."

What about dealing with a loss, or a performance that you’re not happy with, how do you manage that & how long does it impact you?
"Losing can definitely hurt, but you’ve just got to have thick skin and take it in your stride. Losing is where I have the opportunity to learn and losing is what makes winning so damn good."

OK here’s a few random questions that we want quick answers to:

Best board you’ve ever had?
"My current DHD DNA is mental, I love it."

What’s your ‘signature dish’ in the kitchen?

Favourite thing your mum cooks that you froth to eat when you’re home?
"Roast, or pretty much anything she makes for me after a surf."

Backhand or forehand? "Backhand."
Reefs or beachies? "Reefs"
Singing or dancing? "Singing."
TikTok or Snapchat? "TikTok"
Favourite card or board game? "Sevens in cards & Monopoly Empire in board."
Ice-cream flavour? "Cookies n’ cream or peppermint choc chip."
Must watch series? "Outer-banks"
Last book you read? "Good to Go"
Camping or glamping? "Camping"

Would you rather lose sleep or skip a meal?
"I would lose sleep if I skipped a meal!"

Non-sporting thing that you’re really good at?

Dream heat – who’s in it and what are the waves like? …….
"Right now it would be a heat against my coach Glen, because I’d want to beat him and have bragging rights. The waves would be pumping 3-4ft A-frame beachies with ramps, so I can spin to win."

And finally, what do you miss most about home when you’re away?
"My dog Honey and just generally hanging at home with friends and family."

All the best Molly.
"Thanks, let’s do it!"

The waiting period for the second stop on the 2022 Championship Tour at Sunset Beach, Hawaii, begins February 11. Tune into for the live action.

Molly Picklum Surfing Pipeline WSL