Rip Curl Announces The Promotion Of Pablo Gutierrez To The Position Of Wholesale Manager Europe

Rip Curl Announces The Promotion Of Pablo Gutierrez To The Position Of Wholesale Manager Europe

Pablo Gutierrez getting barrelledPablo Gutierrez getting barrelled
Pablo Gutierrez With his surfboardPablo Gutierrez With his surfboard
Pablo Gutierrez Surfing In a Hooded WetsuitPablo Gutierrez Surfing In a Hooded Wetsuit
Pablo Gutierrez SurfingPablo Gutierrez Surfing

Pablo Gutierrez will lead the European wholesale department, playing an important role in the European markets as coordinator of all wholesale initiatives and the associated growth strategy.

This multi-talented former professional surfer has for a long time been an effective collaborator and ambassador for the Australian brand.

“The career opportunity that Rip Curl has given me for 30 years, first as a professional surfer, then as a commercial agent and most recently as the Country Manager for Spain, has been an honour. This new step as Wholesale Manager for Europe is very exciting and I will be sure to give it my all,” Pablo Gutierrez explains.

“I believe 100% in the potential of the brand, thanks to its history, its innovative products and its strong marketing strategy. But above all, I believe in the Rip Curl team, which is incredible and professional. We are all passionate about surfing, we love the brand and together we know that with our passion and our values, we can win competitions again, and go from strength to strength with our clients!” adds Pablo with enthusiasm.

“Pablo has shown himself to be the definition of a committed partner during his 29 years with Rip Curl in his various roles and positions - Surfer, Sales Rep, Country Manager Spain and more recently Director in the Iberia market,” explains Mathieu Lefin, President of KMB Brands Europe.

“I am convinced that with his enthusiasm, passion and leadership, Pablo will make significant contributions to our sales projects in the European Markets,” he concludes.

Alongside this change, another ex-Rip Curl professional surfer, currently a commercial representative for the brand, will take up the mantle of Country Manager Spain. In his new role, Iñigo Iraola will report directly to Pablo Gutierrez, and will be responsible for the management and development of Rip Curl in the Spanish market.

“We are sure that Iñigo has the necessary experience, ability, and passion to succeed in this exciting new role,” adds Mathieu Lefin.

Two promising new additions at the end of 2022 to the Rip Curl team, which can stay confident that it will remain now and forever “The Ultimate Surfing Company”.