Image of palm trees and the oceanImage of palm trees and the ocean

Preserve and Protect Our Oceans

Rip Curl works with local and international environmental groups on projects focused on Oceans and Beaches. Keeping our feet in the sand and our heart in the surf keeps us focused on our Vision to be regarded in all that we do as the Ultimate Surfing Company.
As a part of this pillar Rip Curl crew around the globe participate in annual Planet Days, working with local environmental groups where Rip Curl has major offices to clean up, protect and revegetate beach and mountain areas. In our home town of Torquay, Planet Day has run for more than a decade and Rip Curl crew are responsible for successfully putting in more than 50,000 plants indigenous to the area.
Beyond Planet Days, Rip Curl provides active and ongoing support of local environmental causes surrounding oceans and beaches, where Rip Curl is part of the community.