A surfer in the barrel of a wave, viewed from underwaterA surfer in the barrel of a wave, viewed from underwater

Rip Curl Planet

When Founders Brian Singer and Doug “Claw” Warbrick started Rip Curl back in 1969, they had one clear vision – “To be regarded in all that we do as the Ultimate Surfing Company.” Alongside this Vision they outlined a set of Values, the guide by which Rip Curl and all of its crew act.
From the beginning, the Value of Community and Environment was instilled into Rip Curl and its crew. This led to the creation of Rip Curl Planet, the banner under which all of our environmental initiatives thrive.

Rip Curl Planet has three key pillars in which we are constantly looking to improve within;

  1. Preserve and Protect Our Oceans
  2. Environmental Products
  3. Act Sustainably
With Rip Curl Planet front of mind, we drive a host of environmental initiatives throughout Rip Curl’s activities around the world, focusing on reducing waste, cutting back energy consumption and using recycled materials.

You can learn more about Rip Curl’s sustainability initiatives under Rip Curl Planet’s three key pillars. You can also learn about our Environmental Policy.