Thanks To You, More Than 1,000 Wetsuits Recycled

Thanks To You, More Than 1,000 Wetsuits Recycled

A heartfelt thank you to everyone that has been part of the Recycle Your Wetsuit movement. Because of you, today we are celebrating a huge milestone: over 1,000 old wetsuits recycled. 

What does this mean? It means that since launching the program in the United States four short months ago thousands of pounds of used neoprene have been divereted from landfills.

Because of your dedication to the environment and commitment to make our world a better place, they've been turned into materials like soft, rubber playground mats so the next generation can have some fun. 
We would like to thank everyone who has helped us make it here. Each and every contribution matters.
Have an old wettie you don't know what to do with? We'll take it! Here's how the Recycle Your Wetsuit program works:

  1. Mail your old wetsuits back to Rip Curl... OR drop off your old wetsuits at your nearest selected store.

  2. Your old wetsuit is then sent with others collected to TerraCycle.

  3. Once at Terracycle, your wetsuits will be crumbed into new raw material.

  4. This new raw material can then be used for the creation of things like soft fall matting playgrounds.

Learn more about the Recycle Your Wetsuit program and get involved.