Rip Curl Sweeps the 2021 Rip Curl Tofino Pro Nationals

Rip Curl Sweeps the 2021 Rip Curl Tofino Pro Nationals

Rip Curl Tofino Pro Nationals

Team Rip Curl Celebrates a 2021 Rip Curl Pro Nationals Sweep in Classic, Stormy Tofino conditions.

A stiff south-easterly wind rustled the banners and shook the scaffolding, as long-period North Pacific energy marched in, meeting the shores of Cox Bay, Tofino, Canada, site of the 2021 Rip Curl Pro Nationals. The event has long been a cornerstone of the Canadian surf scene, a date eagerly circled on calendars months in advance by competitors and spectators alike, and typically takes place in the backseat of spring, serving as the official kick-off to summertime in Tofino.

This year, however, it sat on the other side of summer, and as is the nature of fall on the west coast, it saw a dramatic shift from the peaceful and sunny skies to begin the event, and all-out downpours and thunder and lighting on the night it concluded. The one constant throughout though, was the non-stop surf on tap, and each and every heat over the course of the three-day contest window was treated to highly contestable waves and ample opportunity to drop big scores.

Of all the notable performances that took place over the weekend, it was the youthful domination across so many of the divisions that took the event by storm. Both the Open Men’s and Open Women’s titles were secured by pre-teens, and the Pro Men’s and Pro Women’s division champs still can’t legally drive themselves to the beach.

On the women’s side, it was phenom-grom Ocea Green securing the Open’s crown, surfing with a maturity beyond her years and utilizing a lethal backhand all event on the right handers of Cox Bay. In the Pro division, Canada’s most decorated female added to her already impressive resume, as Rip Curl team rider Mathea Olin secured with win over her younger sister Sanoa with massive combinations and smooth, eye-pleasing style.

Although things started out slowly in the Women’s Pro Final, Mathea was able to break away from the pack and hammer two big turns on a groomed right wall, laying down two devasting blasts and turning in the highest single wave score of the heat. Mathea also tacked on titles in the Women’s Longboard and U18 Girls divisions as well, just for good measure.

On the men’s side Shea Bruhwiler, son of local surf heavyweight and longtime Canadian surf icon Raph Bruhwiler was able to get the jump on fan favourite Ryan Cameron in the Open Division. Ryan marched his way to the final looking like the man to beat, but ended the day sitting atop the second-place podium with his daughter in tow and newly minted moniker “the people’s champion”. The two went blow for blow in a highly entertaining matchup, but young the upstart put himself on the best waves and surfed a smart heat, leaving no doubt as to who would walk away the victor.

In the anxiously anticipated Pro Division final, perennial favourite Pete Devries contended with age old rival Sepp Bruhwiler, Australian transplant and beloved surf coach Shannon Brown, along with teenage sensation Reed Platenius. The opening exchange was marred with a paddle battle between Devries and Brown, with neither man backing down or giving an inch.

Shannon came away with the opening score, though it was dreadfully close to being an interference on both men. That set the tone for the final, and right behind them Reed and Sepp began teeing off as well, finding rights of their own for a couple of mid-range scores. Following suit of the Women’s Pro Final, it took a while for anyone to truly take command, but just past the halfway point, Reed found the wave he was looking for, drilling three giant backside hits and sending spray to the heavens.

The score dropped at a 7.83, and although it probably could have gone a little higher, it left his three counterparts looking for massive numbers with not a whole lot of opportunity on offer. Devries kicked and clawed, looking for anything that might allow him to get back in it, but with the sets slowing and Platenius sticking closely to his side, he was unable to do so. As the final buzzer sounded, it was Rip Curl team member and youngest in the division by nearly two decades who bested his older brethren and took the championship home. The beachgoers braving the blustery weather went berserk!

For a span of nearly two decades, Devries has ruled the roost of Canadian competitive surfing, winning at will and even securing an International WQS event title when it landed on his childhood Chesterman’s Beach doorstep. Watching what Reed Platenius was able to do in this Rip Curl Pro Nationals final, along with the other youthful title winners over the weekend, felt like the first true changing of the guard on the beaches of Tofino since Peter began his parade of championship wins.

We would like to say a special thank you to the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, as well as CSA Surf Canada and event staff, and the District of Tofino.


Pro Women’s

  1. Mathea Olin 93
  2. Sanoa Olin 97
  3. Jasmine Porter 74
  4. Catherine Bruhwiler 67


Pro Men’s

  1. Reed Platenius 66
  2. Sepp Bruhwiler 87
  3. Pete Devries 96
  4. Shannon Brown 24

Open Women’s

  1. Ocea Green 67
  2. Aqua Bruhwiler 33
  3. Jasmine Turner 83
  4. Amie Shimizu 50


Open Men’s

  1. Shea Bruhwiler 56
  2. Ryan Cameron 40
  3. David Schiaffino 83
  4. Andrew Sadler 74

Longboard Women’s

  1. Mathea Olin 84
  2. Lydia Ricard 83
  3. Morgan McIntosh 27
  4. Isabel Abdurahman 77


Longboard Men’s

  1. David Schiaffino 34
  2. Jeffrey Spencer 84
  3. TJ Atwood 44
  4. Asia Dryden 00


U18 Girl’s

  1. Mathea Olin 10
  2. Sanoa Olin 67
  3. Jasmine Porter 00
  4. Chloe Platenius 50


U18 Boy’s

  1. Reed Platenius 33
  2. Wheeler Hasburgh 96
  3. Finn Spencer 07
  4. Shea Bruhwiler 17


U16 Girl’s

  1. Sanoa Olin 43
  2. Aqua Bruhwiler 10
  3. Chloe Platenius 50
  4. Ocea Green 43


U16 Boy’s          

  1. Wheeler Hasburgh 33
  2. Shea Bruhwiler 93
  3. Clay Chiovitti 77
  4. Tristan Day 73    

Photos: Bryanna Bradley | @bryannabradleyphotography