A Journey Through Mexico with Mason

A Journey Through Mexico with Mason

Is it just rocks under here… or rocks and sand…?

There’s far Search trips, close Search trips, large Search trips, small Search trips and apparently, Baby Search trips. 

While enjoying his latest journey through Mexico, Mason and crew come across a novelty right-hander, fit for a few sessions. It’s wonky, shallow, over rocks, with a large backwash rib running through - Mason’s dream wave.

In just a few days, the swell ranges from knee high runners to stand up tubes, giving a darker water deja vu of Mason’s normal sandbar setup. After the inaugural session, the crew decide to claim camp while Mason spends days working through its multiple moods.

It’s 15 minutes of pure Mason on a Mexican point break, what more could you want?

Hit play above to join the Baby Search with Mason and filmers, Rory Pringle and Jason Crane..

Bonus Video

You've seen the filmers view, now experience it through Mason's. Hit play to ride shotgun with a full GoPro POV of yards and yards of dreamy visions, courtesy of the man himself.

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