Peter Devries Returns To The Top


Peter Devries Returns To The Top After Notching 7th Career Rip Curl Pro Tofino Title!

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 (Cox Bay, Tofino, BC, Canada) –Competition resumed at Cox Bay for the third and final day of the 2017 Rip Curl Pro Tofino presented by Monster Energy. Beautiful sunny skies and fun 2-3 foot waves greeted competitors as 12 separate division winners and Canadian National champions were crowned. Tofino may be a small town, but hundreds of surf fans gathered on the shoreline to cheer on competitors for the largest Canadian surfing event of the year.

In the premiere Pro’s Men’s division, hometown hero Peter Devries didn’t confirm his participation in the event until hours before the start due to a bad lower back issue. However, going into the event with little to no personal pressure allowed Devries to surf relaxed, which lead to his sensational 7th career event title! Devries battled through the toughest draw in competition history and overcame a rampaging Pat Curren to take the crown with an impressive 16.24 heat total in the decisive final.

“It feels really good [to re-capture the Rip Curl Pro title], especially since I think this is the most unexpected win I think I’ve ever had. I’ve been battling injuries the last little bit, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to surf this weekend,”Devries noted on what the win meant to him.

Devries added, “my motto this weekend has just been to keep it simple. I could do maybe a total of four different maneuvers and just try to stick to that, catch good waves and go fast.”

In a record breaking performance, yesterday’s standout women’s competitor Sanoa Olin continued her roll as 11-year-old went on to victory in the Women’s Pro/Am division. Olin squeaked a victory over past champion, Sara Taylor by a mere 0.06. Olin is the youngest professional division winner in the 11-year history of the event. Finishing the final in third place was Olin’s sister and last year Pro/Am winner, Mathea Olin, as 4th place went to veteran Leah Oke.

On describing her record setting performance, Olin exclaimed, “I’m so excited, I didn’t realize I had won until my mom told me and I was like ‘What!’I was seriously not expecting it, I’m so happy. It was super tricky out there but I felt pretty good with the waves I got. I’m so excited right now."

In what many considered the most competitive amateur division of the event, Sean Forrester backed up his U18 victory from 2016 with another championship title. Forrester held off a stalwart of shredders including Elijah Fox, Jackson Malcom De Gruchy, and Evan Thomas Puma

Other division winners include; Kevin Shulz (Monster Energy Expression Session), Matt Myers (Open Mens), Ben Murphy (35+ Masters), Doug Ludwig (Legends), Fred Sanford (U16 Boys), Mathea Olin (U16 Girls & Longboard Womens), Fraser Juurlink (U12 Boys), Sanoa Olin (U12 Girls), Robber Ferguson (Longboard Mens), and a great performance by Victoria Fiege, Daniel Shoemaker, and Scott Patterson in the adaptive division.

The Rip Curl Pro Tofino wouldn’t be possible with the support of our amazing sponsors, the local surfing community, as well as the support from the Canadian Surfing Association.


Complete Results from the Final Day of the Rip Curl Pro Tofino

Pro Men's: Final
1st: Peter Devries (CAN) 16.24
2nd: Pat Curren (USA) 14.40

Pro Men's: Semifinal: Heat 1
1st: Peter Devries (CAN) 15.23
2nd Kevin Schulz (USA) 14.34

Pro Men's: Semifinal: Heat 2
1st: Pat Curren (USA) 14.77
2nd: Elijah Fox (USA) 13.33

Pro/Am Women's: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 15.06
2nd: Sara Taylor (USA) 15.00
3rd: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.70
4th: Leah Oke (CAN) 10.97
35+ Masters: Final
1st: Ben Murphy (CAN) 15.00
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 12.83
3rd: Declan Lee-Smith (AUS) 11.67
4th: Greg Urata (USA) 11.00
5th: Matt Hanson (AUS) 10.83
6th: David Schiaffino (PER) 10.34

Pro/Am Women's: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 15.06
2nd: Sara Taylor (USA) 15.00
3rd: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.70
4th: Leah Oke (CAN) 10.97

U16 Girls: Final
1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.17
2nd: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 12.17
3rd: Serena Porter (CAN) 8.00
4th: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.50

U12 Girls: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 17.00
2nd: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 14.83
3rd: Chloe Plantenius (CAN) 12.67
4th: Shanti Grimshire (CAN) 9.66
5th: Jade Rosene (CAN) 8.83
6th: Charlotte Egles-Mckinnon (CAN) 7.16

Longboard Women's: Final
1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 16.20
2nd: Emily Ballard (CAN) 12.60
3rd: Leah Oke (CAN) 12.33
4th: Lydia Ricard (CAN) 9.66
5th: Dawn Batenchuk (CAN) 6.50
6th: Kate Lightstone (CAN) 6.23

Open Men's: Final
1st: Matt Myers (USA) 14.27
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 11.97
3rd: Joåo Pedro Belfort (CAN) 9.90
4th: Elliot Moore (CAN) 9.07

U18 Boys: Final
1st: Sean Forester (CAN) 15.40
2nd: Elijah Fox (USA) 13.67
3rd: Jackson Malcolm De Gruchy (CAB) 13.13
4th: Evan Thomas Puma (CAN) 12.33

U16 Boys: Final
1st: Fred Sanford (CAN) 15.60
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 15.50
3rd: Jack Gallen (USA) 14.67
4th: Evan Gallen (USA) 13.16

50+ Legends
1st: Doug Ludwig (CAN) 14.84
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 14.00
3rd: Mike Redpath (CAN) 13.00
4th: Harold Sadler (CAN) 9.84
5th: Anthony Redpath (CAN) 9.50
6th: Tim Rykert (-) 7.83

U12 Boys: Final
1st: Fraser Juurlink (CAN) 14.67
2nd: Shea Raphael (CAN) 13.84
3rd: Riley Stoski (CAN) 13.00
4th: Hudson Egles-McKinnon (CAN) 9.83
5th: KillaB Nerpio (CAN) 8.00
6th: Oscar Z Fox (USA) 6.83
7th: Dusty Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.16

Longboard Men's: Final
1st: Robbie Ferguson (AUS) 15.83
2nd: Andy Jones (CAN) 13.60
3rd: Darren Lundquist (CAN) 13.16
4th: Jean-Laurence Vachon Vigneault (CAN) 9.00


Official National Champions (highest placing Canadian surfers)

Ben Murphy (35+ Masters)
Sanoa Olin (Pro/Am Womens)
Mathea Olin (U16 Girls)
Sanoa Olin (U12 Girls)
Mathea Olin (Longboard Womens)
Peter Devries (Pro Mens)
Reed Platenius (Open Mens)
Sean Forester (U18 Boys)
Fred Sanford (U16 Boys)
Doug Ludwig (50+ Legends)
Fraser Juurlink (U12 Boys)
Andy Jones (Longboard Mens)

The Rip Curl Pro Tofino is presented by Monster Energy in association with Telus, Coors Banquet, Spy Optics, Flor de Cana, Evan Williams Bourbon, Canadian Surfing Association, Surfline, SBC Surf, Coast Mountain Culture,AftnasSurfboards & Tourism Tofino.

Peter Devries Returns To The Top - 7th Career Rip Curl Pro Tofino Title
Peter Devries Returns To The Top - 7th Career Rip Curl Pro Tofino Title