In It To Win It: 2017 World Title Scenarios In Hawaii


In It To Win It: 2017 World Title Scenarios in Hawaii

Here’s what Gabriel Medina and Tyler Wright need to do to clinch their second World Titles.

At the start of the European leg, it was a far-fetched Brazilian daydream that Gabriel Medina might clinch his second World Title in 2017. Now, at the end of it, it’s more than a possibility – with his only main threat being John Florence, he’s got a serious shot at taking home the trophy.

On the girls side of things, Tyler Wright overcame what many thought was a year-ending MCL injury and pushed herself through to a semifinal finish in France – which in turn pushed her up to second place on the Jeep Leaderboard rankings.

It’s all come down to one event – a World Title showdown in Maui, and a World Title showdown at the Pipeline Masters. There are a lot of different scenarios here, so let us walk you through them. 

For the men…

If John Florence makes the Final of the Pipe Masters, he wins the 2017 World Title – and there ain’t nothing Gabs can do. But! If John finishes…

…3rdor 5th, Medina can win the Title if he wins the event

…9th, Medina needs a second to win (or Jordy Smith can win it with a first)

…13th or 25th, Medina needs a 5thto win (or Jordy needs a 2nd, Julian Wilson needs a 1st)

For the women…

If Tyler wins she Maui, she wins the title. But! If she finishes…

…2nd, Sally Fitzgibbons and Courtney Conlogue can’t make the final

…3rd, Sally can’t make Final

…5th, Sally and Courtney can’t make the Semis, and Stephanie Gilmore and Carissa Moore can’t win

Over the past six years, Gabriel Medina has made two Finals at Pipeline, while John Florence has only made one. Which, when taken into context, makes things all the more interesting.

And looking at Tyler’s track record at Honolua Bay (Ms Wright took the event out last year), she’s not going to make it easy for the other contenders.

But again, only time will tell and only one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be one helluva Hawaiian season. Now, let’s just #prayforwaves…

#VaiMedina #GoTyler

In It To Win It: 2017 World Title Scenarios in Hawaii Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright - In It To Win It: 2017 World Title Scenarios in Hawaii