Rip Curl Filmmaker Challenge Presented By Telus

On May 11th at the TIN WIS Conference Center will host the Rip Curl Filmmaker Challenge presented by TELUS. Six of western Canada's greatest filmmakers face off for a chance to produce Canada's next surf film.

Marcus Palladino

Too often photos in cold water destinations depend on the mountains, the snow and the wildlife to make the shot work, however, Marcus is never content to rely on them. There are good waves on the west coast of Canada, but Marcus knows there are also some damn good surfers. Probably spending more time in the water than most surfers in Canada would be comfortable with, he's intent on showcasing the high performance surfing that continues to be pushed north of the 49th parallel. The hard work that is required to focus on performance surfing has made Marcus one of the desired photographers pros look to work with in Canada. As the tides, wind and swell are difficult to line up, surfers love having a dependable photographer around who's always keen for a mission with no guarantees.

Leanne Pelosi

Considered one of the most well-rounded professional snowboarders in the world, Leanne has won Snowboarder & Transworld Magazine's esteemed Female Rider Of the Year Award, Transworld Reader's Choice Award and appeared on the 2014 ESPN's Top 50 Women of Action Sports list. With over 10 video parts in Standard Films, Misschief, P.S., and two of her own previous produced Runway Films movies, she is at it again producing and directing her third film 'Full Moon' with some of the best backcountry women on the planet. In her down time, you will find her in Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp as a signature session'er and exploring the west coast, camping in her BigFoot camper with her fiancé Jeff Keenan and their dog Keita. Leanne is also an active member on the rider's alliance for Protect Our Winters, the leading advocacy group for the winter sports community in the movement against climate change.

Nate Laverty

Coming from a filmmaking background in action sports, Nate Laverty has strived to blend strong storytelling, with exciting imagery. Since first getting behind the lens, he has always been driven by the emotional connection that is created between the viewer and the subject.

Robert Fiorella

I am a 23 year old from Ontario that has been calling Vancouver Island home for the last 5 years. I am a creative individual passionate about free and open thought. I have an astute interest for fringe and counter cultures.

Desiree Bilon

The first time Desiree worked on set, she was a stand-in for Elle Macpherson during the filming of The Edge. From that point onward she was fascinated by the art of filmmaking and production. As a competitive surfer in 2012, Desiree was featured in two episodes of the Endorphin TV pilot in Mexico, but after sustaining a serious injury she moved back to Canada and won a scholarship from the Writers’ Trust of Canada to study creative writing at Humber College. In December 2015 Desiree was awarded a grant from TELUS STORYHIVE to produce, direct and co-write the ten-minute documentary Surf Anywhere, about river surfing in Alberta, which has screened at twenty-three film festivals worldwide.

Ben Gulliver

Originally from Ontario and now residing in Vancouver BC, Ben first picked up a camera to film his friends skateboarding. Fast forward and Ben’s worked on a slew of projects from music videos, action sport and commercial projects. He most recently finished touring his critically acclaimed cold water Surf adventure film “The Seawolf”.

2018 Rip Curl Pro Tofino

Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2018 is the largest surfing competition in Canada. This annual Tofino Surf competition provides an arena for competitive surfing.

Rip Curl Pro Tofino Website

Shuttle Bus Timetable

LONG BEACH LODGE7:30pm8:00pm8:30pm9:00pm
TIN WIS7:40pm7:50pm8:10pm8:20pm8:40pm8:50pm9:10pm9:20pm
TOWN (STORM SURF SHOP)7:45pm8:15pm8:45pm9:15pm

Shuttle Bus will start back up at the end of the event to ensure safe rides home

Rip Curl Filmmaker Challenge presented by TELUS
Rip Curl Filmmaker Challenge presented by TELUS