The Technology Behind Mirage Activate Compression Liner Boardshort

The Technology Behind Mirage Activate Compression Liner Boardshort

Mick Fanning getting barrelled surfing the Mirage Activate BoardshortMick Fanning getting barrelled surfing the Mirage Activate Boardshort

The core tech of Mirage Activate lies within its specialised compression liner. Its body-mapping silicone grip activates core surfing muscles to balance power, posture and joint alignment. This also frees up back movement and gives your body proprioceptive feedback to know when things are out of place. The firm yet flexible fit even offers rash protection while decreasing lactic acid build-up. This all amounts to boardshorts that let you perform at a higher level and recover faster.

As Dr Tim Brown himself explains. “Muscles control bones, and bones control joints. If muscles on one side of the joint are tighter than the other, then the joint moves towards that tension. What we're doing with the (boardshort) is recognising these certain muscles that aren’t strong enough to help support the joint or help align the joint are not being used as much as they should be. A posterior chain of muscles in the shorts stimulate the body to fire those muscles. When you put the shorts on, it feels like someone has grabbed you from behind and given you a lift.”

We’ve combined this compression-liner technology with other Rip Curl innovations to create the ultimate performance boardshort. These include:

  • Hydrophobic, quick-dry coating keeps things lighter both in and out of the water 

  • Rash-free fly mesh allows for extra comfort during long sessions

  • Surf Grip waistband keeps everything snugly in place during full-torque power hacks

  • Secure Lock Drawcord holds tight for a comfortable fit that won’t come apart

  • Aerotech Outer Shell for ultra-lightweight, durable stretch

  • Recycled Mirage Pro Fabric that’s better for our oceans

Surf Stronger For Longer. Mirage Activate.


When your body is fully aligned, you have greater balance and power. Mirage Activate uses compression technology to leverage that advantage while you’re surfing. The body-mapping grip within the boardshort supports core surfing muscles to achieve better alignment between your hips, thighs and lower back. It’s kind of like a mini personal chiropractor holding you in the perfect position while on a wave. With that support comes an increased feeling of strength and freedom of movement.

At the same time, the compression liner also stimulates improved blood flow to the muscles, and reduces lactic acid build-up. That extra oxygen to the muscles lets you surf longer at full performance, while the reduced lactic acid build-up allows for a much faster recovery after your session. It’s all based on scientifically-proven sports medicine breakthroughs that have since been tailored specifically for surfing by Dr Tim Brown in collaboration with Mick Fanning.

We can’t promise you’ll be shredding that hard you’ll go on to win your own 3x world titles. But, we can promise the Mirage Activate will improve your surfing performance instantly. Guaranteed.


The Mirage Active and specialised compression gear is epic for both improving surfing performance, and supporting you while training out of the water as well. 

Firstly, compression liners work by exerting a tightening force on muscles and internal tissues, which improves blood flow to the site. The benefits of this compression includes increased oxygen delivery to muscles, better performance, less fatigue, and faster recovery. That means you can train longer, push yourself further, and still feel good enough to go for a cheeky late evening glass-off session after. 

Compression gear can also help with proprioception and prevent vibration-induced injuries (like shin splints). Proprioception is basically a fancy term for saying the compression liners offer a bit of tactile feedback to your body, so you can better feel when your alignment is out. For example, if you’re prone to awkwardly twisting your hips to one side during squats, the Mirage Activate shorts will help you notice that, automatically adjust and avoid any strain injury that could come along with it. 

If you’re rehabbing an injury, the same feedback applies. Compression-liner shorts for surfing will act to support those core muscles and avoid a blow-out that could lead to time out of the water.


Specialist shorts like the Mirage Activate need to be put on a little differently. If you simply yank them up from the waistband, it could reduce the life of the shorts or heighten the risk of possible injuries (remember, you have some delicate equipment down there). 

We recommend following the ‘bunch, ease, adjust’ method.

Bunch the shorts together, so the waistband and leg hem are touching. While they’re like this, step into them and pull them up above your knees. 

Once the short liners are above your knees, ease things slowly up and around each of the core muscle groups - thighs, glutes, and also around the waist. Don’t yank or pull, or it could put undue stress on the shorts.

Now that you’re in, adjust the waistband and other areas for alignment and comfort. Remember, things should be nice and snug without hurting or pinching, kind of like a wetsuit.

A few other things to remember while you’re getting your ultimate compression-liner boardshorts on. A little bunching or shifting can occur as you surf, but the waistband should stay where it is, needing little or no adjustment. If things start to restrict your natural range of motion, smooth out the fabric and adjust things in those areas to free you up. And, if you’re wearing underwear beneath the liner, you might need to adjust it to be smoothed out after you put things on (before you hit the water).   

Finally, and very importantly, anyone with an existing health issue, particularly a skin or circulatory condition, who is unsure about the risks of compression clothing should speak with a healthcare professional before making a purchase.


When trying out the Mirage Activate Boardshorts, you’ll want to ensure a good fit. That means the compression liner should be snug against your skin so that you feel a consistent pressure right throughout the shorts from top to bottom. Most surfers would liken it to the supportive feel of a wetsuit, but firmer. 

If the shorts feel uncomfortable while on, restricting your natural range of movement, then they’re too tight. 

We recommend trying on a couple of different sizes to get a feel for what’s best. 

Finally, anyone with an existing health issue, particularly a skin or circulatory condition, who is unsure about the risks of compression clothing should speak with a healthcare professional before making a purchase.